CCAvenue Discount Offers

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CCAvenue Discount Offers

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CCAvenue+Google Adwords Combo Offer

As an authorized CCAvenue reseller Utilities India offers you a special CCAvenue Combo Offer:

  1. 15% off on all CCAvenue Plans
  2. Google Adwords Account with Rs. 3000 loaded, along with setup of first Campaign for your ECommerce site(this is only for Economy plan, for higher plans please call us)
  3. Free SEO Consultancy for your new ECommerce site

For startup Ecommerce sites we strongly recommend to go for CCAvenue Economy plans.

CALL NOW 08958042951 for more information

CCAvenue Discounted Plans

SNo. Scheme Current Price Our Offer Price Bonus
1 Economy Rs. 7500  15% OFF Rs. 3000 Google Adwords Account
2 Premium Rs. 25,000  15% OFF Call us
3 Privilege Rs. 40,000  15% OFF Call us

*Excludes 10.3% service tax charged by CCAvenue

This offer is there only for a limited period.

Why Google Adwords Account?

Ideally for any site, 90% of visitors come from Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. But hardly 10% from search engines for new sites like yours which are especially downgraded for many months initially after launch of your site. In India more than 90% people use Google and Google places new sites in Sandbox for initial 6 months and those are especially downgraded during this time. Search rankings very slowly move up only after this time and this continues till 1-2 years. Coming up in organic search results is very difficult as it requires best SEO practises and genuine user interest. Sometimes your site may not be searchable in the Google because of your products containing very common keywords.Display sponsored ads in Google searches using Google Adwords

More than 9 out of 10 new E-commerce sites simply die and disappear after 1-2 years of your hard investment mainly because of lack of sustained targeted buyer visits at your site. A minimum threshold buyer visits are required at your new site to sustain your business.

Google Adwords allows you to place relevant and targeted advertisements in Google search results, Google Maps, Youtube videos, Google+, Gmail, and other it's partner sites through Google Adsense. You can create very focused and targeted ads to be shown only those searching specific keywords. It means if anyone searches for a book usually or will win as they are very trusted and giant sites. But you can show your product ads above those sites in the "Sponsored Ads".

For best results we recommend investing at least Rs. 10000 in internet campaigning using Google Adwords to know whether your business idea has succeeded or not after plenty of relevant visitors visit your site through your Google Adwords sponsored advertisements.

If you want to target 3000 genuine buyers per month at your site, then since for your new site initially no new visitors will be there, use Google Adwords to get those 3000 visitors for a month and see where your site stands. That is you must get as soon as possible relevant targeted traffic for at least a month to your E-commerce sites before you decide to invest your time & money in it further.

Why SEO Consultancy?

SEO knowledge is mandatory if you want to come up in Google/Bing/Yahoo search engine rankings. Those targeted visitors come to your site absolutely free of cost! Otherwise same visitor can be brought at much higher cost using Google Adwords where you bring the desired visitor at a click per cost(CPC) of 20 paisa to Rs. 500 per click! If you can lead early in Google search results then it becomes very difficult for your competitor to overtake you in Google search.

49 sites out of 50 will die and disappear one day or other if it could not make dent in Google search results. You don't want to take that risk. Do you?

SEO consultant must be different from your site developer so as to get objective view of current SEO status of your site and help analyze your site in critical design and SEO aspects.

Submit through us and reduce your chances of getting rejected by CCAvenue team!

How It Goes

You'll just need to pay us the amount(plus 10.3% extra) and provide us all details about you and your E-commerce site. We'll forward all those to CCAvenue formally in a day. If CCAvenue accepts your website, CCAvenue team will contact you and follow up with you. Otherwise we refund your money.

If you directly register at CCAvenue site, then also you'll need to provide all those details which you'll need to provide us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the terms & conditions before you avail this discount.

  • How can I trust you and pay so much of amount?

    It takes only a minute or two confirm with CCAvenue whether we're really an authorized reseller. You can also see our genuine CCAvenue authorized reseller logo in this page. Find CCAvenue customer care numbers here.

    Click the authorized logo below find more:

  • What is the difference between applying through you and directly applying with CCAvenue?

    Application procedure is exactly same but you end up paying more fees. Also since CCAvenue is most sought-out after payment gateway in India and it's rejection rate is high. More than 80% sites get rejected by CCAvenue. It means that if you apply yourself at CCAvenue site firstly it'd take you quite some time to fill the application and secondly you'd not be knowing if your site is ready as per CCAvenue terms & condition which means your application will be rejected with an automated reason. With us you have an advantage that we'll guide you with some tips so that your site does not get rejected by CCAvenue team. Once rejected, it becomes more difficult for you to get approval next time you reapply. We'll help you to present your details in a more professional way increasing the likelihood of your site's acceptance.

  • Does it mean your consultancy too is included?

    To some extent yes. We've limited time so we'll not be able to fully guide you or provide you with expert consultancy as to how to make a successful application with the payment gateway companies.

  • Which Plan/Scheme should I go for? Should I start with Economy?

    It all depends on your volume of transactions at your site. If they are good or going to increase then sign up with Privilege Scheme and save costs in the longer run. If yours is a new site and your budget is tight and not sure of its success then you may want to go for the lowest plan.

    Don't forget to check for guide table to help you choose a CCAvenue plan. See CCAvenue TDR charges here.

    Don't forget you earn instant discounted savings if you buy a Premium or Privilege Scheme now. That means if you buy now Economy and later upgrade it to Privilege while at CCAvenue, you'll not get any discounts!

  • Do I need to provide any paper proofs?

    No. No proofs required at the time of applying.

  • I'm looking for the best payment gateway, will CCAvenue good for me?

    Here is what we want to say about CCAvenue:

    CCAvenue will be among the best option for all E-commerce websites who are from startups to mid range ones. The range of payment avenues it offers to receive payment online from your customers from IVR, prepaid cards, mobile payment etc, in no doubt the best among payment gateway industry in India.

    CCAvenue has the maximum payment gateway market share in India and provides one of the best customer support.

    Not only this, CCAvenue wins when it comes to transparency in advertising it's features and services including pricing. On the other end you'll find ICICI Payseal, HDFC Bank etc whose websites hardly provide any information for you and there are some payment gateway companies whose sites contain outdated information. CCAvenue website provides in depth knowledge of it's facilities, features, customer support and payment gateway general technical information.

    Recently CCAvenue has lowered its TDR for Privilege scheme which is almost equal to that of ICICI Payseal.

  • How much time does it take for approval, after I pay you the amount and provide all my website details?

    After you've paid us and provided all the details and made correction in consultation with you, we'll forward them to CCAvenue team within one business day. Please read here to learn more. In short you should get approval/rejection within 2 working days of submitting your application to us. In fact CCAvenue team is quite quick than you can think of.

  • What details do I need to provide you?

    Please find this CCAvenue application form, you'll need to provide all those details to us and that we can submit to CCAvenue team.

  • What happens if my website is rejected?

    Yes you always run the risk of rejection of your site for various reasons like site under construction, high risk business and due to many other issues. In such cases CCAvenue team will let you know of rejection and we'll promptly refund you all your fees(nominal charges may apply, please see below).

  • What happens if my website is accepted?

    Our responsibility is over from that point. You'll be contacted by CCAvenue team directly. You'll need to contact them only for any support or queries.

  • What about if I want to cancel the application, will you refund the whole amount?

    No it'll not be possible to refund your amount unless CCAvenue disapproves your application. Your setup fees is non-refundable. If in case due to force majeur etc, we could not submit your application to CCAvenue within 3 business days due to our internal issues, then upon your request we'll refund your full money to you.

  • Do you charge anything when giving refund?

    No. Absolutely no deduction.

  • How much time does it take to get refund?

    We'll issue refund within one business day of disapproval from CCAvenue. However transfer by NEFT may take 1-2 days which is not in our control

  • What is the net amount will I need to pay for Economy Scheme?

    It'll be rate above in the table, minus any discounts and multiplied by 10.3 service tax. You can find the latest tax rate from CCAvenue site. Every fees you pay to CCAvenue(including AMC, setup fees, TDR) is subject to service tax of 10.3%.

  • What do I need to do with the free Google Adwords account you provide us?

    You don't need to pay anything to start the ads, we'll give you a running and approved account. You can then change the campaigns to your needs beyond the basic one we setup for you.

  • What is provided in the SEO Consultancy?

    You'll need to call us and have any of your queries clarified. We'll be happy to help you in it.

  • Ok I'm ready, what next?

    Make a payment, please find the payment transfer details here. Please send us the payment details along with all the information required for filling up the CCAvenue application form to us at our contact address. In case of doubt please call us at office hours at 08958042951.

CCAvenue TDR rates

Plan Name Setup fees
AMC Discount Rate
for all
Master/VISA cards
Discount Rate for
Net Banking
Privilege Scheme Rs. 40,000 Rs. 3,600  3% 4%
Premium Scheme Rs. 25,000 Rs. 2,400  5% 4%
Economy Scheme Rs. 7,500 Rs. 1,200  7% 4%

Note: 10.3% taxes extra on all payments

Which plan to choose when signing up?

Note: This table uses only the TDR for MasterCard/Visa/Diners/Debit Cards/ATM cum Debit Cards which is 7%,5%,3% respectively for Privilege, Premium and Economy Schemes.

Annual Transaction(for 3 years) Economy Scheme Premium Scheme Privilege Scheme Economy-Premium Economy -Privilege Premium-Privilege
1000 11310 32350 50890 -21040 -39580 -18540
3000 11730 32650 51070 -20920 -39340 -18420
5000 12150 32950 51250 -20800 -39100 -18300
10000 13200 33700 51700 -20500 -38500 -18000
20000 15300 35200 52600 -19900 -37300 -17400
40000 19500 38200 54400 -18700 -34900 -16200
50000 21600 39700 55300 -18100 -33700 -15600
70000 25800 42700 57100 -16900 -31300 -14400
100000 32100 47200 59800 -15100 -27700 -12600
150000 42600 54700 64300 -12100 -21700 -9600
175000 47850 58450 66550 -10600 -18700 -8100
200000 53100 62200 68800 -9100 -15700 -6600
225000 58350 65950 71050 -7600 -12700 -5100
250000 63600 69700 73300 -6100 -9700 -3600
300000 74100 77200 77800 -3100 -3700 -600
500000 116100 107200 95800 8900 20300 11400
700000 158100 137200 113800 20900 44300 23400
1000000 221100 182200 140800 38900 80300 41400
1500000 326100 257200 185800 68900 140300 71400
2000000 431100 332200 230800 98900 200300 101400
2500000 536100 407200 275800 128900 260300 131400
3000000 641100 482200 320800 158900 320300 161400
5000000 1061100 782200 500800 278900 560300 281400
10000000 2111100 1532200 950800 578900 1160300 581400
Annual Transaction(for 3 years)
This column shows the transaction done at your site for the amount for each year for 3 years. So 1000 means Rs. 1000 worth of transaction done each year for 3 years.
Economy Scheme/Premium Scheme/Privilege Scheme
Each of the column shows total charges you paid for doing the transaction as in the first column for 3 years. This includes the setup fees plus the TDR and AMC cost for 3 years. So the formula of Economy will be: =7500+3*(1200+column1*7/100). Note 10.3% mandatory taxes not included in the calculation. For example let us take the example of first row of Rs. 1000 of transaction for 3 years. So your total cost will come to 7500+3*(1200+1000*7/100) = Rs. 11310

As shown in pink color row if you are making transaction worth of Rs. 3 lacs per year for 3 years then it is better to upgrade to higher scheme/plan to save your costs you pay to CCAvenue.



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