ICICI Payseal -- Features and Benefits

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  • Offers 128-bit SSL encryption, an established security technology protocol.
  • Can process Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards issued around the globe.
  • Provides a robust, flexible and scalable solution used by some of the leading Internet merchants in India.
  • Ensures real time authorisations for your Credit Card transactions and reduces your back end transaction processing requirements.


Easy installation, operation and management
Payseal eliminates the need for complex software, large databases, and heavy-duty processing on the merchant site. Instead, all payment operations are handled by Payseal's own 24x7 secure Payment Servers. As a result, software installation, integration and management is no longer a major hurdle for merchants and their site developers.


Single platform for all payment options
Payseal's unified architecture can support the Internet's widest range of secure payment options.


Adaptability to multiple platforms
The Payment Client software is available for Microsoft® Windows NT™ and leading versions of Unix.


Optimum server utilisation on your site
The Payment Client software connects the merchant's storefront to Payseal's services. It is the only software component that needs to reside on the merchant's site server, as Payseal physically hosts the rest of the software at its own sites. This leaves the merchants' server resources free for other tasks, at the same time allows them to accept multiple modes of payment from your net customers.


Fast, easy integration
The Payment Client offers developers and integrators of shop-and-buy applications a number of programming language interfaces, minimising the coding effort required. The Payment Client can be quickly and easily customised to facilitate integration with all major merchant storefront platforms.


Centralised and secure data management
To protect the integrity of merchant transactions, Payseal supports the Internet's strongest security technologies. The client software encrypts transaction information using 280 bit RSA before passing it through an SSL pipe using 128-bit encryption.


Verisign certification
The gateway server is assigned a server ID and authenticated by "Verisign", one of the leading certifying authorities for websites.


Automatic upgrades and scalability
Businesses can automatically take advantage of new payment technologies, standards and services as they emerge, without undergoing costly and time-consuming software changes to merchant site. Businesses retain the same interface, yet are able to stay abreast of the latest technologies and offer customers the widest range of options.


Swift Transaction processing.
Payseal delivers a real time, highly scalable and reliable Internet payment platform that processes transactions in real time.



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